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Over the past month we’ve witnessed unbelievable acts of racism within the NFL. Many black players are now rendering black power salutes when the sack white players on the field, and a massive scandal is brewing after Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had his back broken during a tackle, where some sports commentators are speculating that Carr’s all-black offensive line refused to block for him as a savage punishment for Carr for choosing to stand for the national anthem.

With NFL ratings in the toilet and the football league standing to lose billions this year due to angry fan backlash, you’d think these “oppressed” millionaires would stop engaging in disgusting acts of racism on the football field. But shockingly, things just got much worse, after these protesting athletes just had a brand new anthem written just for them. And the literal “F you” message in these lyrics to their former fans and towards our president is absolutely vile.

From the moment that Colin Kaepernick took a knee, he’s been propped up by the liberal media, where a source close to the former quarterback revealed that he reveres himself as America’s “race messiah.” So it should come as no surprise that following the massive liberal tantrum of their “race messiah” still being unsigned this year, that a cop-hating rapper Eminem would take up Kaepernick’s cause and decide to write an anthem for Kaepernick and the rest of the NFL athletes currently taking a knee.

The washed-up aging rap star unveiled his disgusting song during Tuesday’s BET Hip Hop Awards. The lyrics declare a literal war on Americans who dislike Kaepernick, and the new NFL unofficial anthem says “F YOU” to anyone who supports President Trump.

“This is for Colin (Kaepernick), ball up a fist

And keep that (expletive) balled like Donald the (expletive)…

Any fan of mine who’s a supporter of his (Trump)

I’m drawing in the sand a line

You either for or against…

The rest of America, stand up.”

The FULL verse that EVERYBODY is talking about! @eminem BODIED THIS! #HipHopAwardspic.twitter.com/zoS0wEwjQF

— BET (@BET) October 11, 2017

Kaepernick’s ego was immediately inflated to the size of his hair, and he took to social media to praise Eminem’s song about him, and the unofficial anti-American anthem that was written for anyone taking a knee in defiance. “Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick thanked rapper Eminem for taking a stand against President Donald Trump and shouting out the former San Francisco 49er during Tuesday’s BET Hip Hop Awards,”The Bleacher Report said.

It’s truly unreal that these protesting athletes want to get on their soapbox lecturing Americans about “unity,” but then they want to proclaim their superiority over the white race with their black power salutes, and injure white players on the football field as revenge for standing for the national anthem.

It’s truly no wonder that the NFL is hemorrhaging fans at the moment since these lyrics are the sentiments of every protesting athlete, which is literally a message of “F Trump” and “F anyone” who isn’t supporting their protests.

Hopefully President Trump will stop the massive tax breaks the NFL is getting, and put an end to this nonsense. “Trump tweeted out Monday saying, “Why is the NFL getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country? Change tax law!”

Eminem does have one thing right with his assertion that the “lines have been drawn in the sand.” The lines are clearly being drawn in this country and you can choose to support these anti-American racist athletes, or you can be on the side of Team America. But if you choose to support the NFL, just remember that you’re supporting athletes who disrespect our cops and soldiers, and putting money straight into the pocket of an organization that allows disgusting acts of racism towards whites to continue on the football field.

H/T [Bleacher Report]

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